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Manufacturing, Transportation and Distribution (MTD) firms have long been a reflection of the global economy, with its growth directly linked to globalization. While increasing globalization offers enormous growth potential for companies in this sector, it also entails several challenges, such as more complex supply chains, higher costs and stringent regulatory stipulations.​

Today’s MTD supply chains need to be highly flexible to enable pick-up or delivery requests, anytime and anywhere. There is increased pressure to deliver goods fast, with companies lining up alternative transport modes and ‘smarter’ routes to achieve this. There is also a higher focus on sustainability and compliance in the sector. Companies are fast deploying robust IT Solutions as one of the means to address these challenges.

Manufacturing, Transportation & Distribution

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Why MTD Firms Need Reliable IT Support​

MTD firms are a pivotal component of the global supply chain. Each player executes a critical and specific role within their sphere. However, they all hold one thing in common, the immediate and constant need for operational efficiency. Companies can thrive or flatline solely based upon their operational performance and resulting profitability. Every Warehouse Director, Fleet Manager, and Floor Supervisor understand that when your IT doesn't work, nothing else does either....​


  • Operations grind to a halt​

  • People and assets sit idle​

  • Profitability vanishes​

  • Management and customers start asking questions​

  • Stress levels skyrocket​

Companies who fail to invest in the right IT infrastructure will often find themselves falling behind.

We have gathered intrinsic knowledge of the transportation sector and its operations and have accordingly striven for Custom Integration. Our gilt-edged team of well-informed professionals is efficient enough to ensure Patch Management, whenever and wherever required. We never shy away from engrafting relevant technologies to further our clients’ aspiration. We, at CSGT, have painstakingly endeavoured to understand the dynamics of the Logistics provision and over time, excelled in its nuances.

  • 24/7 monitoring​

  • Hardware Support​

  • Asset Configuration​

  • Network Traffic Analysis​

  • Patch Management​

  • Real Time Monitoring​

  • Performance Baseline​

  • Remote Support

What We Offer​

We don’t believe in standardised approaches.  Each business is unique and deserves a unique IT approach.  With IT support for Manufacturing, Transport and Distribution from CGST, you get a customized IT plan that is the perfect fit for your company.  ​

We don’t believe in working with technology that just isn’t working for you.  We get you the industry-specific tools you need to succeed!

The Benefits of MSP IT Support for Distribution and Logistics


Why Us? 

We are a fast growing team of highly skilled, passionate IT professionals. Our laser-like focus on client satisfaction ensures excellence in service delivery, enabling faster innovation and enhanced productivity.   Our services are dynamic, scalable, resilient, and responsive. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solution and take a highly collaborative approach to align our services with your business goals.

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