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High-Performance Wireless Networks

Updated: Feb 18

Faulty and low performance networks not only hurt business productivity and revenue, but also have an unfavorable impact on intangibles like business reputation and customer service. Network reliability, security, and performance must be operational imperatives because poor network performance costs typical businesses more than six days of lost productivity per employee per year

A standard view of an office often reveals plenty of wireless devices with minimal wired hardware. Many businesses tend to deploy consumer-centric access points largely targeted towards the needs of the residential market; this approach creates numerous network vulnerabilities. Wireless networking has become a business-critical technology; not paying enough attention to it can create significant threats to productivity, security, and operational efficiency. Getting things to connect and work as planned is a universal conundrum businesses are now struggling to solve.

Increasingly complex applications, communication systems, and cloud-based services all weigh heavy on network architectures that were not originally designed to take such workloads. Organizations often seek to solve this problem by increasing their bandwidth. While it is true that bandwidth limitations can remove some performance bottlenecks, it will not solve underlying issues with the network architecture. Incorrectly configured access points, switches, routers and applications are often at the root of network performance problems.

Designing an effective wireless network infrastructure is a speciality. Considerations such as noise, crosstalk, channel overlap, interference can hinder coverage and capacity. Wireless network specialists will deploy predictive tools to design the right coverage and install the right equipment at the right location. Networking experts also possess capabilities to use performance monitoring tools to detect, diagnose and remedy performance issues. These reports can also help businesses understand their usage and be better equipped to make decisions regarding IT resources, cost-saving opportunities and justify upgrades. However, it takes an expert to analyse and interpret these reports and hence partnering with service providers like CSG Technologies can get results for the business within budget and timeline.

At the end of the day, in order for your business to perform better your employees need robust modern wireless connectivity.  All the devices and applications that support your business must be able to perform at their best. Leave it to the extensive experience of CSGT’s experts to think ahead and architect a wireless infrastructure that never lets you or your business down. 

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