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But only 1 in 4 organizations feel prepared to handle cyber attacks ​

There is a CYBER-ATTACK every 39 Seconds

From 2019 – 2020 the average Denial-of-Service attack has increased in size by over 80%

95% of cybersecurity breaches are a result of HUMAN ERROR

Security attacks often mimic important notifications to trick us into opening emails

Toll Violation Notification

Invoice: Payment Required

Updated Building Evacuation Plan

Many large companies can afford the expense to monitor, from $20 - $500K

BUT small and medium sized companies (SMEs) cannot afford the expense becoming vulnerable

Up to 30 million SMEs are vulnerable to IT failure without comprehensive monitoring​

545 hours of staff productivity are lost each year because of IT outages

THE SOLUTION for smaller companies is to find a networking security system that is ACCESSIBLE & AFFORDABLE

CSG Technologies is a group of highly qualified professionals. Small makes us care. Professional makes us effective. Our solutions proactively neutralize threats by implementing customized solutions for data backup, downtime avoidance and exceptional network performance.


We assess your risks and then design & implement an IT Security & Business Continuity Plan that will protect your business. 

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Updated Building Evacuation Plan

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