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To successfully compete, AED firms must equip their teams with the most 

powerful computing tool set available...the right software, effectively configured, optimally equipped computers, communicating across efficient networks. A weak link in this technology ecosystem will directly impact the firm’s performance. Poor technology performance result in:​

  • Inefficient work ​

  • Missed project Deadlines​

  • Lost Projects​

  • Lost Revenue​

  • Reduced Cash Flow ​

  • Lower Profits.​


These firms require powerful workstations, enhanced mobility and the ability to design, render and present their designs effectively and efficiently.​


CSG Technologies services are specially designed to cater to the specific needs of AED firms. Our experiences allow us to understand AED work processes and the need for performance. Our expert insight enables us to maintain the systems, software and devices to ensure exceptional technology performance.​

Architecture, Engineering & Design Firms

Why Design Firms Need Reliable IT Support​

Design firms were the first to adopt digital tools. The design tools used by architects and engineers have become more powerful and an integral part of their business. Given the pace of innovation over the last few years, the applications, hardware, and cloud assets that your companies are using have not kept pace with these tools. It takes knowledgeable professionals to optimize your IT ecosystem to draw the most benefit out these technology advancements. ​

We will help you craft an IT strategy that integrates all your design applications under a single umbrella for networking and support. By getting the proper support for your design tools, you can maximize your company’s efficiency and improve your bottom line.

Ready to get started with the best IT support for design


Cloud Servers, Hosting & Private Cloud​

We have a wide array of options for you in regard to cloud hosting. Once we have had a chance to talk and examine your current IT environment and work processes, we will gladly suggest a cloud hosting option or improvements to your current systems.

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning​

Earthquakes, power outages, and criminal activity all have one thing in common – they can shut down your business for good. How do you prevent that? By planning in advance and enacting that plan when the first sign of a big problem looms on the horizon. We will give you the benefit of our years of experience in helping other businesses plan for the unexpected.

Office 365

Microsoft office demonstrates superior productivity horsepower. Companies like yours have taken advantage of our consulting expertise and have invited us to help them migrate their email and files to Office 365. Security and Auditing.​

Single Sign-on​

To save you endless hours over the course of a year, we will implement a secure Single Sign-on functionality for those employees that need access to a number of applications, websites, and platforms. By using just one password, you can give them simple and safe access. What’s more, you can take away or change that access easily for employees that change positions or leave. With all of the applications that you use, having the right IT support for design firms is essential. Single sign-on just makes sense!​

Network Design​

A network that is poorly designed constricts the flow of information and leaves you vulnerable to hackers that probe your network looking for vulnerabilities. Whether your current network needs a rework or you need an entirely new network implementation, partnering with CSGT for IT support for design firms is the right call.

Network Support​

Once your network is set up correctly, it’s important to maintain it properly. Why? Because every new device that you connect to your network brings a new set of variables that need to be addressed to ensure continued high efficiency for the entire system.

IT Solutions for Architecture, Building and Design Firms​

  • Assess what technology is helping you get closer to your goals – and what is not.​

  • Advise you on technology milestones and help in establishing reasonable budgeting to get there.​

  • Access our long-established vendor relationships to bring you faster response times when needed and more purchasing power when necessary.​

  • Apply best practice compliance protocols to meet legislative and regulatory oversight requirements.​

No matter what your design firm’s specialization, our team can help you figure out how to maximize your tools and your time.

IT Support for Design Firms Requires a High-Impact Strategy​


Why Us? 

We are a fast growing team of highly skilled, passionate IT professionals. Our laser-like focus on client satisfaction ensures excellence in service delivery, enabling faster innovation and enhanced productivity.   Our services are dynamic, scalable, resilient, and responsive. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solution and take a highly collaborative approach to align our services with your business goals.

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